Antonio Espín

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    Antonio M. Espín is co-founder and Scientific Director of Behave4, a company pioneering in the application of Behavioral Economics techniques to private and public organizations, particularly to people and Human Resources management. Antonio holds a PhD in Behavioral Economics and is an Athenea3i Research Fellow at the University of Granada. Prior to this position, he was post-doctoral researcher at Middlesex University London. His main research interests are focused on the psychological and biological underpinnings of human social behavior, including the analysis of the ultimate and proximate explanations of cooperation and norm-enforcement mechanisms. Antonio’s research combines theoretical and empirical, mainly experimental, methods, and is affiliated to the ESI Chapman, CRIBS, and LoyolaBehLab research centers. He has published his (eminently multidisciplinary) work in outstanding academic journals such as Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Journal of Happiness Studies, Biology Letters, Evolution and Human Behavior, Nature Scientific Reports, Psychoneuroendocrinology, and Perspectives on Psychological Science. Currently, Antonio is board member of the Society for the Advancement of Judgment and Decision-making Studies (SEJyD) and Associate Editor of the Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy.

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  • Abstract

    “Behavioral Economics Assessments: Application To Agile Teams”

    In this talk, I will discuss the benefits of using a Behavioral Economics lens for the assessment of people in organizations. This novel approach, which is based on the measurement of people’s behavioral preferences through the economic games typically used in research by behavioral economists, has shown great potential for the understanding of job performance and human resource management. I will cover some of the basics of this methodology and compare it with more “traditional” approaches. The second part of the talk will show a successful business application. In particular, we will focus on a case study in which Behave4 applies this framework to the optimization of the performance of teams working under agile methodology.

  • Agenda

    25th September


    7:00 pm (CET)