Debbie Watt

  • Bio

    Debbie Watt is an Organisational Coaching Psychologist and the Managing Director of Bridgeborne Psychology.  She works with individuals, teams and organisations to help them improve resilience, wellbeing and overall vocational performance.  Debbie personally has over 15,000 hours of experience in delivering direct coaching to individuals to help them improve their performance, return to work after an absence or to help focus their skills into new areas of activity.

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  • Abstract

    “Unleashing The Power Of Kindness In The Workplace: Enabling Your People To Flourish”

    Absenteeism, sickness and depression are at an all-time high in workplaces around the globe, the World Health Organisation asserts that it costs the global workforce an estimated $1 trillion in lost productivity every year. With high levels of absenteeism, sickness and depression and with burnout becoming more prevalent in organisations around the globe, change is way overdue.

    In this session we’ll explore the vital importance of kindness, demonstrating that rather than being a ‘fluffy nice-to-have’, kindness is in fact the key foundation that’s needed for building a brighter working world. Reframing our understanding of kindness and using it as the foundation for everything we do, we can truly unleash its power and enable people to flourish at an individual, team and an organisational level, making ripples that spread far and wide.

  • Agenda

    25th September


    8:00 pm (CET)