Ericka Rascon

  • Bio

    Ericka is an applied economist working on observational and experimental studies. She joined the Department of Middlesex University in 2015 where she teaches experimental and econometric methods. Prior to her academic role, she worked for the Ministry of Social Development in Mexico, as well as for the research department of the World Bank in Washington DC. Ericka obtained a MSc in Economics at University College London (UCL) and a PhD in Economics at the University of Essex.

    She uses observational data to understand the main factors associated with labour market outcomes and human capital investment. She also designs, implements and evaluates policies and interventions aiming at improving labour market outcomes, as well as to encourage parents to invest in human capital and promote civic education among young people.


  • Abstract

    “Using Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) To Make Better Choices In Companies”

    Companies know what increases their profits: quantities or prices. However, how much employees produce in a company may depend on various factors. Employees may vary on hard skills (e.g., technical knowledge, intellectual ability) and soft skills (e.g., motivation, discipline). Each type of skill might be more relevant or not depending on the nature of the employee’s role. But, how can we identify the best scheme to make our employees to improve their skills?  Companies tend to experiment the whole time, trying different schemes to incentivise their employees to produce more and better. However, without using experimental designs, it is difficult to know whether the change in incentive schemes/training really made a difference or whether even in the absence of such schemes we would have observed, anyway, a change in performance. My talk will focus on the use of randomised control trials to learn how much our incentive schemes/training change our employees’ behaviour, to what extent these translate into more and better outcomes, and if so, what sort of channels made these changes happen.

  • Agenda

    24th September


    9:00 pm (CET)