Jaromír Kovářík

  • Bio

    Jaromir Kovarik is an Associate Professor in the Economics Department I of the University of the Basque Country and he is an Affiliate of Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education – Economic Institute in Prague, Czech Republic. He holds a Ph.D. from the Economics Department of the University of Alicante. He is a social scientist. His main research interests are social norms, social preferences, and social networks, and their dynamics. His research is both theoretical and empirical, employing experiments, real-life data, theoretical models, and occasionally computer simulations. The topics of his research lie on the border of various behavioral disciplines such as economics, psychology, biology, and sociology. This determines the methodologies he employs: (behavioral and evolutionary) game theory, agent-based modeling, and experimental economics. Currently, he extensively works on social networks, the effect of external shocks on social organization, and several projects associating human behavior to biological characteristics.


  • Abstract

    “Organizations As Networks”

    Any organization–be it a small firm, large enterprise, or a country–can be represented as a network. In this case, we refer more to the architecture of informal relationships among organization members because much of the company action happens beyond the formal organization. These networks, for example, provide a better picture of who confers on technical matters, who discusses office politics over lunch, who are the key players, or who teams up with whom to change the firm policy. Using numerous real life examples and providing basic tools for the visualization and understanding of network structures, this talk provides an introduction to the field of network theory when applied to organizations.

  • Agenda

    25th September


    4:00 pm (CET)