Karen Eber

  • Bio

    Karen Eber is a TEDx and international speaker, coach and facilitator who develops leaders and shapes culture one story at a time. Karen brings 20 years of experience driving global talent development for individuals, teams and organizations in the Fortune 500. 

    Karen is the CEO and Chief Storyteller of Eber Leadership Group, a talent development boutique. Karen brings deep expertise from leading Culture and Executive Development, serving as a Chief Learning Officer and leading Talent Development in companies like General Electric, Deloitte and HP. She co-designed the ratings-free performance management approach at Deloitte and conducted one of the largest performance management studies for Neuroleadership Institute.

    Karen’s roots are in psychology, communications, performance improvement, adult learning and instructional design. She is a four-time American Training and Development (ATD) award winner, a sought-after keynote speaker, a TED Masterclass speaker, and eminent thought leader in various publications, including her popular article “Make Waffles, not Spaghetti.”  Karen holds a Master’s in Instructional Design and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and resides in Atlanta, GA

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  • Abstract

    “Fostering Psychological Safety On Your Teams”

    The number one attribute of high performing teams is psychological safety.  Ironically, those words can instill fear in a leader. It feels ambiguous and often conjures up images of long-drawn out emotional discussions. The key to fostering psychological safety on your teams involves watching the energy. This session will cover:

    • What is psychological safety and what does it look like on teams?
    • What is the neuroscience behind psychological safety?
    • How is energy an indicator of psychological safety?
    • Can you have too much psychological safety?
    • What are practical steps for fostering psychological safety on your team?
  • Agenda

    24th September


    8:00 pm (CET)