Lotus Buckner

  • Bio

    Lotus Buckner is a tech-savvy Human Resources and Organizational Development enthusiast with a unique ability to develop high performing, highly engaged and highly inclusive people, teams and organizations. Recognized as a Crain’s Chicago Business 2020 Notable HR Leader, Lotus has held many leadership roles in the industry in addition to her contributions to the community as a board member of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration (ASHHRA), chair of the education committee for the Illinois Diversity Council, and mentor at the nonprofit ExcelBeyond211.

    A writer for Forbes HR Council and blogger, Lotus shares a candid perspective about the future of work. As the founder and CEO of LB Talent Solutions, she works with individuals to build their personal brands and develop their careers. She also works with organizations and associations on customized talent strategies. Lotus is a speaker and facilitator on everything HR, talent, change, diversity and personal and leadership development.

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  • Abstract

    “Intentional Leadership”

    In the era of COVID-19 and social unrest, the choice has been made for us when it comes to change – we must do it. There’s no “best practice” that will lead you to success because we don’t live in a homogeneous so we need to stop treating people like they are all the same. We need to customize our styles, approaches, and solutions to individuals. This seemingly impossible task is made more possible with intention. Intentional leadership means that we appreciate and celebrate the things that make us different. It means that we purposefully build teams of people who think differently, who bring unique value to the team, and who  are unapologetically passionate about what they do. It means that we, then, lead each unique person differently in the way we recognize them, engage them, support them, or grow them. This is authenticity. This is leading on purpose.

    Learning Objectives: 

    • You’ll understand how to apply intentional leadership to your teams.
    • You’ll obtain the knowledge to build highly performing, engaged, and inclusive teams.
    • You’ll walk away with the motivation to create real change leadership.
  • Agenda

    24th September


    6:00 pm (CET)