Monica Capra

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    Mónica Capra is a professor in the Department of Economic Sciences at Claremont Graduate University. Before joining CGU, Dr. Capra taught at Emory University in Atlanta, where she jump-started cross-disciplinary collaborations with psychologists and neuroscientists. Her areas of interest are Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Neuroeconomics. Professor Capra is an associate editor of Experimental Economics, the Journal of the Economic Science Association, and Frontiers: Decision Neuroscience. Her work has received funding from the NIH, the Kauffman Foundation and DARPA. Her research has been published in top peer-reviewed journals, such as the American Economic Review and Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. At Emory University, Dr. Capra received the Phi Beta Kappa Excellence in Teaching and was in 2001 she was named a top 10 publishing liberal arts assistant professors in the U.S. Dr. Capra is senior scientific advisor of Syntoniq™ and a senior mentor for the American Economic Association’s Committee for the Status of Women in the Economic Profession (CSWEP). Dr. Capra graduated with honors from Franklin and Marshall College and earned her PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia.

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  • Abstract

    “Pro-Social Behaviors And Pro-Social Incentives”

    Pro-social behaviors and incentives play an important role in organizations. Non-profit organizations rely on volunteers to provide services for the needy and volunteering has been shown to enhance our sense of well-being. Pro-social incentives that match a firm’s charitable donations to employee payments help boost employees’ morale, performance, and overall job satisfaction. Mónica Capra presents results from a series of experiments that provide practical insights on the ways we can motivate people to volunteer and the ways to use pro-sociality to improve employees’ performance.

  • Agenda

    25th September


    6:00 pm (CET)