Perry Timms

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    I’m Founder + Chief Energy Officer of PTHR, with 30+ yrs experience in people, learning, technology, organisation change & transformation.

    My mission is to connect people and bring about better business for a better world. In October 2017, my first book, Transformational HR – was published by Kogan Page and the Energized Workplace is published in August 2020.

    I was an extremely proud new entrant to the list of HR Most Influential Thinkers for 2017 and again in 2018 + 2019 in the top 10 both years.

    I am a Chartered Member of the CIPD, advised them on HR’s use of Digital & Social Media, and was a Guide for the 2013 CIPD HR Hackathon (with Professor Gary Hamel’s Management Innovation Exchange).

    I am a Global and TEDx Speaker, Adviser and Conference Chair on the Future of Work and HR, and member of the Be The Ripple movement to promote kindness and eradicate bullying in workplaces.

    I’m determined to create better business, for a better world. 

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  • Abstract

    “Behavior In Self-Managed Teams”

    We have all seen and experienced huge adaptations in our responses to working during a pandemic crisis. Many of us have had to completely decouple from norms and orthodoxies of operating. Yet, one group of people have found the disruption minimal: self-managed people.The (admittedly) small faction of people who are given autonomy, creative freedom and space to innovate as a norm, simply did what they always do – managed themselves, linked with others and adapted. THIS is agile working.

    In this provocative piece, Perry Timms, who has researched and operated self-managed environments for over 10 years, talks us through the behavioural differences between controlled humans at work, and liberated souls at play. Is the fabled ‘future of work’ entirely self-managed? Maybe we are starting to see that work evolution happen right before our eyes.

    If you want to bring more accountable, aligned but autonomous and agile ways to your work, this talk could be the start of your recalibration and liberation of the human soul at work.

  • Agenda

    23rd September


    4:00 pm (CET)